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ABR RX7 – Catch Up Time!

Holy cow! It’s been nearly a year since the last site update!!! Let me assure you that a lot has happened in that period, I won’t go into details here but you can check out the progress since then by liking our facebook page – I’ll be starting up the regular updates again although I have been maintaining the Top 20, there’s been a fair bit of movement in that regard! Now, onto the good stuff…

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ABR RX7 – Changes in the Bay

As I’ve been a bit busy lately, I thought I’d update on something that I did a little while ago. Due to the fact that we want to run an airbox, the bay has required a bit of a swap around. After deliberating for a good few weeks about where the intake was going to be I finally decided on taking it from the front bumper. As I wanted to keep it as close to the centre as possible (the highest pressure area), this meant that I had to make room between the radiator and the fuel cell.

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ABR RX7 – It’s The Little Things

We’ve all been there. You know, those couple of “small” jobs to do that won’t take long. Somewhere along the line it usually takes a left turn into something that’s bigger than Ben Hur! I’ve been finishing off a few of these in the last few weeks. At Jamboree last year we ran the dial in board with some suction cups. After a few nights tossing around a few ideas I came up with something that will do the job just nicely.

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