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ABR RX7 – It’s The Little Things

We’ve all been there. You know, those couple of “small” jobs to do that won’t take long. Somewhere along the line it usually takes a left turn into something that’s bigger than Ben Hur! I’ve been finishing off a few of these in the last few weeks. At Jamboree last year we ran the dial in board with some suction cups. After a few nights tossing around a few ideas I came up with something that will do the job just nicely.

We’ve added a couple of bars to the front window to stop the Lexan from bending in, no big deal. The screen itself, well let’s just say it’s been less than cooperative. Mounting it has turned into a small saga, the holes top and bottom now have rivnuts due to access constraints and double panel issues. The sides however have been tapped as the flange is about 5mm thick!

The rivnuts have made it easy for the hatch however, ebay was my friend again after the bolt shop couldn’t come up with more rivnuts to suit. I’ve just finished it off tonight, pretty happy with how it came out.

One job that I had been putting off was hitting the floor with the wire brush. I wasn’t going for totally clean but after a couple of hours I ended up with something that will paint up alright. I also took the opportunity to remove quite a few unused brackets. Got to be a few KG’s there alone…

We’ve also picked up a few more goodies in the last few days. A replacement pressure plate for our lightened flywheel and clutch that I *ahem* misplaced previously, thanks to Direct Clutch:

Also an RX4 bellhousing to suit from SIR20B seeing as the Dellow unit was not up to the task:

and a 16V battery and charger from our friends at VPW:

I’ve also been patching up a few holes and mounting some panels, but I’ll leave that for next time 😉


2 thoughts on “ABR RX7 – It’s The Little Things

  1. nothing to see here , carry one haha , i agree every time you look there is some little random bastard bracket that needs cutting off

  2. That’s it, damn things are everywhere!

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