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ABR RX7 – The Final Cleanout

Post may have been few and far between recently, but progress is still being made steadily. One of the jobs at the top of the todo list has been removing the last little bit of sound deadener.

There’s a few different methods of accomplishing this and anyone who’s done it now’s how much of a PITA it is. The method I used this time (and also on the Capella a few years back) is the dry ice method.

This time around I did it a little differently. Instead of directly laying it on the floor or in a large garbage/shopping bag I bought a pack of the large Snaplock bags and loaded them up. I had about 5 from memory with the couple of kilo’s of dry ice we bought.

This allowed us to go up the firewall (with some creative bracing) and get into the hard to reach spots. On the whole this worked well although the plastic started to get brittle after a few hours so I double the bags up.

Just need to cut off a few brackets and hit the rest with the wire wheel and I can seal the deal with some paint.


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  1. Nice work mate

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