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ABR RX7 – Interior Tidy Up

It’s been a drawn out couple of weeks, thankfully I have something to show for it! Not long after I had posted the last update I managed to get the whole interior masked off to paint the cage. Let’s just say I caught up on all the recent local events lol.

After that however, was the onset of a snap cold spell. Not much was done in those few days, temps were getting down close to zero here! The weather did hold out one night and I managed to get a couple of coats on the cage, a nice aluminium colour to break up all the black. After spending 4 days at the Winternationals I, like many others I’m sure, was inspired to get cracking. I spent the next few nights masking and then layed down some coats on the floor. I think it came out pretty good 🙂

Now that it’s painted inside, things are starting to go back in, after a good clean of course! The seat and the harness were the first to go in, followed by the dial in board, helmet hook and cage padding.

If you have a caged car and don’t have a helmet hook, do yourself a favour and grab one. Best $25 I’ve spent on the car so far I reckon!

The last thing to go in so far was a “new” steering wheel. The stock Momo is starting to get a bit second hand and really needs to be re-covered, so in the mean time I’ve commandeered the one from the Capella as it’s only done one meet. I’d overlooked it previously as I thought it had the wrong pattern but turns out that it’s the same as the Momo and was just on a multi fit boss. I also managed to keep the stock Infini horn button, win! There’s still a bit of painting to be done in regards to the column and few pedal brackets, but nothing to major to stop putting parts back in.

And after all this painting and cleaning, I thought it best to cover it all up to keep the dust out so it now lives under a drop sheet until I need to do work.

I use the ghosts of past passes to hold it down…

I’ve started on the clutch again and have run in to a few more dramas, but I’ll leave that for another post 😉


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