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ABR RX7 – Getting Some Love Part II

Chop chop! We’ve been putting in the hard yards cutting out the boot floor and spare wheel well. The past week has been spent cleaning up seam sealer and grinding down any offending spot welds. As is the way with this sort of thing the amount of time spent doing it far exceeds the results. However, this means we can put in some nice new steel and carve out a few kilo’s at the same time

I’ve also got my paper craft on and made a few templates, one for the floor, one for the deleted shock towers and one for the fuel door. The FC has a small “hump” where the fuel filler passes through the rail, so there is a bit of creative slicing and bending going on for that section. Just have to put some beads in the sheet and it will be ready to weld in.

All going well we should have the back end buttoned up this weekend.

I’ll leave you with this final pic – this is what came out, all 22.5kg of it!


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