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ABR RX7 – Getting some love…

The RX7 has been sitting fairly neglected since Jambo, apart from removing all the glass we haven’t paid it that much attention.

Over the Christmas break we brought the car back to my house as the shed is quite big and comes with benches, shelving and a loft for parts storage (owner has a fabrication business here in town). The plan is that I will work on it at night during the week so I’m not far from the wife and kids. This weekends effort was to get it up on stands and get the hatch and doors off so that they can be worked on.

Once that was done I started stripping the bay of all fuel lines and the wiring harness. I also stripped the water pump and housing as we have an electric one waiting to go on.

Just a few bits of hose!

I’m also getting rid of or cutting out anything that is required, the back shock mounts are going and some sheet put in place and I’ve also started gutting the doors.

I have a few other ideas in the works, but I’m just waiting to hear some opinions before I go ahead with those; I’ll post pics when I’m done. And on the lighter side, what do you do with a spare rug and some 3 dollar chairs? You make a mini man cave!

Wheel and tyre is soon to be my custom coffee table and the peg board will display my offerings to the God of Speed. This is just somewhere that I can sit and sketch out ideas or surf the web looking for HOWTO’s and still stay motivated. Or I could just sit and think 😛


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