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Capella Worklog – Engine test Fitment

MOTOR IS BACK IN!!!! – sort of 😛

Even though I haven’t updated in the last few weeks, I’ve been working out a few technical issues. I’ve started on the rear engine plate and after taking some measurements I made a couple of mdf templates. These were OK, however after drawing it up on some steel today it turns out that a couple of the measurements are a slightly out 🙁 On the bright side, both the dowel pin holes are quite close to being right (less than a mm out). Disregard the rusty sheet in the photo, once I’m happy with the dimensions I’ll be getting the real one water/laser cut with only the dowel holes; I’m going to invest in a transfer punch to do the others. After dummying up with the fuel cell I may also have to get creative with the front engine plate as it will foul the fuel filters. I might pull them out of the 7 and set it all up to get it right.

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