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Interior Work

I’ve been busy over the Christmas / New Year period tackling the interior. Whilst not a necessity for our race efforts it helps in the overall look and presentation of the car. I reckon it’s made a huge difference! Click here for a look.

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2008 Castrol Edge Jamboree – J18

Well Jambo has been and gone, and what a weekend it was for us! It all started on Friday night with both Scott and myself flogging to get the car finished in time for Saturday morning. We both ended up getting around two and a half hours sleep, but we did manage to finish off all the little odd jobs.


Saturday didn’t start off real well with what we thought was an injector problem nearly getting the better of us. Turns out it was the fuel filter caked full of rubbish (thanks Phil!). The car ran flawlessly all day after this little adventure. We put down all three qualifying passes and came in 11th. Times for the day were:

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So Close I Can Taste It

Well, it’s only a couple of days out from Jamboree and things are starting to move along quite nicely. The engine and box went in last week and the first start up was Saturday night. I’m burning the candle at both ends to get it into a state to run tomorrow night at the Test n Tune, so with any luck we’ll be out getting to know the car (and trying not to break it 😛 ) If you see us, come and say hello.


As always, check out the gallery for some updated build pictures.

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Capella Update

With Jambo only a few weeks away, things are finally starting to move along on the Capella. Lets just say I nearly did work my fingers to the bone sanding it back 😉 There is still a little bit to do in the paint department, but I’ll leave that until after I get some of the mechanicals done. I’ve also been busy running the new wiring. I’ve set all the relays, fuses and the power distribution block in one place for ease of maintenance. Check out the gallery for some update pics.

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Angry Bee Capella

We’ve recently acquired the old “Direct Clutch Performance” Capella and will be campaigning this until the 808 is done. I’m currently in the process of tidying up a few things, but we’ll be running at this years Sport Compact Group Jamboree. Check out the gallery for some pics.