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Capella Worklog – Engine test Fitment

MOTOR IS BACK IN!!!! – sort of 😛

Even though I haven’t updated in the last few weeks, I’ve been working out a few technical issues. I’ve started on the rear engine plate and after taking some measurements I made a couple of mdf templates. These were OK, however after drawing it up on some steel today it turns out that a couple of the measurements are a slightly out 🙁 On the bright side, both the dowel pin holes are quite close to being right (less than a mm out). Disregard the rusty sheet in the photo, once I’m happy with the dimensions I’ll be getting the real one water/laser cut with only the dowel holes; I’m going to invest in a transfer punch to do the others. After dummying up with the fuel cell I may also have to get creative with the front engine plate as it will foul the fuel filters. I might pull them out of the 7 and set it all up to get it right.

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Weekend Progress

Got some more work done on the cross member, starting to get there. I’ve done some test fittings and it all looks like it’s going to fit up nicely. Just have to cut out the old mounts for space and do some major cleaning of the area for welding. I’ll put some pint on the member too as it’s done. Nearly finished the cut down exhaust as well, muffler fits up quite snuggly next to the tailshaft loop. It’s a bit skew in the pics as the jack stand is in the way, but you get the general idea. I’ll finish this off today and then might move on to more panel work. Hit read more for some pics.

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