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2008 Castrol Edge Jamboree – J18

Well Jambo has been and gone, and what a weekend it was for us! It all started on Friday night with both Scott and myself flogging to get the car finished in time for Saturday morning. We both ended up getting around two and a half hours sleep, but we did manage to finish off all the little odd jobs.


Saturday didn’t start off real well with what we thought was an injector problem nearly getting the better of us. Turns out it was the fuel filter caked full of rubbish (thanks Phil!). The car ran flawlessly all day after this little adventure. We put down all three qualifying passes and came in 11th. Times for the day were:


12.656 @ 103.24 MPH
12.714 @ 105.96 MPH
12.425 @ 106.86 MPH
(extended results to come)


Sunday was also a bit of a rush. After catching up with some much needed sleep, we managed to make it there about 15 minutes before our call!!! Having only done 3 passes in the car, we dialled in at 12.40 for our first round. The car bogged off the line (apparently, I didn’t notice) but felt strong through the rest of the gears, so I backed off to try and save the dial in. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and I broke out with a 12.353 @ 98 MPH, which makes me wonder what we would have run if I’d of kept it flat :-S I was running against Dave Butler in his VW for this round, who went on to win the class so I don’t feel so bad


Overall I think it was a raging success, and has definitely got our spirits back up. We now have an even bigger list of things to do to break into the 11’s!!


Here’s a video of or last run:



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