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ABR RX7 – Glass Removal

Been a while since doing anything to the 7 seeing as we’ve kicked off the Capella again. Spent the last weekend getting jiggy with the glass – all gone now and took out 42kg of “stuff”. Of course some of that will be going back in with lexan, but nowhere near as much. Hoping to get that done in the next few weeks as the patterns are all done.

Also going to be doing some trimming this week, both door inner skins, the rear speaker buckets, wheel well and the front guard/bumper supports. If I can get 100kg total out of it I’ll be a happy man.

If we get all the lexan happening, we may take it out again next month for a few runs. Oh, almost forgot, we replaced the shifter with the spare as the nylon ball was not as deformed. Shifts nice and crisp now but we’re also thinking of going back to a swiss cheese flywheel and single plate brass button clutch as the weight in the twin plate is killing the shifts.


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