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Radiator Shroud – Part 2

Ok, so the week didn’t start off so well. My turbo has started making a rather high pitched whining/whistling sound. It appears that a reco is in order which is a bit of a bugger, not what I wanted to hear 🙁 . Anyway, I’m pressing on with the shroud…

I thought that I would put the 2 halves back together. It turns out that I had one sitting on the other, which because it was only fleece and resin, has bowed a little. This meant that I had to tape them down so that I could fibreglass them back together. I ended up having to tap the sections which were being re-attached as well, more as a precautionary measure than anything.

taped down

After a couple of hours drying time I finally had something that resembled a shroud. It was time then to go and have a few celebratory ales 😉 .

So, after going up to see Ben at Rotary Motorsport about my turbo, I decided to lay down some mat. I initially started off in large pieces, but found that was hard going on the curves, so started ripping small squares off. I used about the same amount of resin on this as the fleece (maybe a little less) and after a few hours it has set just nicely. It’s still a bit flexible, but that is cool with me as it is not going to be holding much weight.
resined up

So, this is where it is at currently. When I go to visit my bro, I’ll pick up his dremel type tool so that I can clean it up properly around the openings. Then, I’ll just lay on some bog to smooth it out a bit and she’ll be apples, will only have to attach all the mounting tabs and and bolts.