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The 808 – Future Drag Beast

The 808… what can I say? Not much of a car at the moment, but plans are well under way to get something happening. Originally, I bought this car from a mate for $80, so you can imagine the state that it was in.It had been siting in another mates back yard for a couple of years, so I offered him some cash. I think he was just happy to stop paying rent on it. It moved into his shed where I stripped most of the crud straight away.

It was intended to be done up as a clean streeter, but being a student at the time I didn’t have the funds. It got moved to my brothers place a few months after I moved to Brisbane, seeing as I wasn’t there to work on it anymore. It sat neglected for a few months before I came up with the idea of turning it into a drag machine! We have slowly developed a plan to tackle the job of turning it into said drag machine, and while progress is slow, it’s still happening. The car has been completely stripped of interior appointments and anything else that was deemed to be not necessary.

After stripping it out, we’ve had a good look over it so that we can assess the body condition. Initially we were going to get it sand blasted, but instead opted to strip it back manually. This was an experience in itself – bog dust is quite toxic 🙁

Currently, the car sits as the photos above show, but it will be going in shortly to get the cage fitted. After that, we will be looking at the tubs again and then we’ll be prepping it for paint. at least it will look like progress has been made 😀